Shukhov Tower

From 19th March to 20th March 2016, it will be held the “Shukhov Tower Watch Day”, in Moscow, Russia. The event is organized by the World Monuments Fund to call the attention for the endangered Shukhov Tower, by launching a petition to be addressed to the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin. Please sign the petition here.

“A two-day event will take place on Saturday, March 19, and Sunday, March 20, 2016, in Moscow, Russia, to celebrate Shukhov Tower’s 94th anniversary and the launch of a petition to save the modern icon, which currently faces the threat of demolition. The tower is on the 2016 World Monuments Watch, World Monuments Fund’s biennial list of at-risk cultural heritage sites around the globe.

A press conference on Saturday, March 19, at 3:00 p.m. (Moscow Time Zone) will be held to address Shukhov Tower’s current state and the petition to President Vladimir Putin on to help save it. Events also include tours around the tower, a film screening, activities for children, tower reconstruction demonstrations, and more.

Shukhov Tower, known after the name of its designer Vladimir Shukhov (1853-1939), is a landmark in the history of structural engineering. Built between 1919 and 1922, it is an emblem of the creative genius of an entire generation of modernist architects in the years that followed the Russian Revolution. Currently, the tower suffers from corrosion, a process which was accelerated due to inappropriate repairs carried out in the 1970s. The tower also sits close to the center of a growing Moscow, and demand for land, coupled with its poor condition and lack of public access, have led to the looming threat of demolition. […]”

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