Tv Show Visita Guiada [Guided Tour] – participation of Ana Tostões, Chair of Docomomo International.
RTP2, Lisbon, Portugal, May 20, 2019

With the consultancy and participation of Professor Ana Tostões, Chair of Docomomo International, Paula Moura Pinheio’s TV show, Visita Guiada, produced by RTP2, is dedicated to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The episode airs today around 23h.

Visita Guiada is a television and radio show about pieces of the history of Portuguese art and culture. In each episode, the program chooses a protagonist work (object, artwork, building) thanks to its exceptionality. Each one of the episodes counts on the explanations of a specialist, the one dedicated to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation was produced with the consultancy and the participation of Professor Ana Tostões.

The modernist complex of buildings which includes the Foundation Headquarters, the Gulbenkian Museum and the surrounding Garden was considered the Valmor Prize, in 1975, and National Monument in the year of 2010, constituting itself as the first contemporary work to be considered as a heritage in Portugal.

A horizontal complex, sober in materials (consisting mainly of concrete), and opening inside, for a variety of uses. The three Portuguese architects who designed it – Ruy d’Athouguia, Alberto Pessoa and Pedro Cid – saw it as a huge cultural center where the public can flow freely between auditoriums and exhibition halls.

The episode is available online. To watch it, please access this link.

You can check the website of the TV Show in this link.

You can also check the facebook page about the program in this link.

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