Hôpital Edouard Herriot à Lyon (Tony Garnier, 1933). © A-S. Clémençon, 2019
Campaign: Tony Garnier – Against erasing the work, for the coherence of action
Tony Garnier's legacy in Lyon, France

Docomomo France has shared with Docomomo International the campaign:

Tony Garnier: Against erasing the work, for the coherence of action

This campaign intends to raise awareness among professionals in the area to recognize and protect the work of the architect Tony Garnier (1869-1948), in Lyon, France.

The importance of the architect’s graphic, architectural and urban work is considerable, but still rather unknown in Lyon, his birth place.

Today, beyond the recognition of his work as the celebrations around the 150th anniversary of his birth are sure to to improve, the urgency is also to ensure the sustainability and the future of buildings and the urban expression of Tony Garnier. These are partly protected, but they are nevertheless subject to demolition or “ordinary” deteriorations which contribute to continuing or aggravating the lost of significance and meaning of his work.

Faced with the state of affairs, 15 people – from fields such as architecture, urbanism, heritage, history – came together to launch the campaign entitled “Tony Garnier: Against erasing the work, for the coherence of action”. Now they are encouraging more professionals to join this call, locally, nationally and internationally, leading by example, in order to make Tony Garnier’s legacy a subject to which public authorities will commit to protect and value (e.g. through the creation of one or more AVAP – Aire de mise en valeur de l’architecture et du patrimoine [implemented area of architecture and heritage value]).
The more signatures there are, the more effective it will be. If you wish to sign it, please contact: anne-sophie.clemencon@ens-lyon.fr or grasp@wanadoo.fr

The campaing can be fully read here [French].

Simultaniously, an online petition has been launched called “For the protection of the buildings built by the architect Tony Garnier in Lyon” to spread as much as possible this situation within the general public.
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