Call for Projects and Ideas: Future Architecture Platform
deadline: 6th January 2020

On 18 November 2019 the Future Architecture Platform launched a new open call, which extends until 6 January 2020. This European platform is looking for multi-disciplinary emerging creatives working on innovative projects and ideas for the future of architecture and related to our living environment to apply to participate in the 2020 European Architecture Programme.

Entries will be evaluated by a jury made up of former students of the Platform and the public, through an online vote. Aiming to strengthening the creative exchange and promote the development of a network, the selected will participate in a pitching session between applicants and members- Matchmaking Conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 12 and 13 February, which expands its programme with guided tours, exhibitions, architectural fair, among other activities organized by the promoting entity, MAO.

The Future Architecture Platform was established in 2015 and in nowadays its composed of 26 architectural entities, based in 22 countries.Since then, it has added events and members to its practice, increasing its impact materialized into 210 events, joining 370 emerging creatives, who presented over 1300 ideas and projects. With 2200 registrations, the platform seeks for 2020 to build new systems and rethink the cities of the future, providing all professionals the opportunity to show their talent and establish new ways of thinking.

The Platform is looking for projects that address a variety of issues, including prototypes and systems on systemic change, specific cases of locations through original projects customized for specific contexts and tasks; cross-cutting and multidisciplinary projects that explore new design and processes and methodologies; as well as new author of narratives written for those who explores the worlds, landscapes and realities faced by emerging practices that shape future urban environments.

The call is open to architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, artists, curators, or people involved in dissemination of the architecture culture and anyone whose professional work is focused on the future of the discipline and on living environments. In addition, candidates must comply with the following requirements:

– the proposal submitted must be independent, made in the last two years and after graduating

– the candidate has already publicly presented his or her work

– the candidate’s body of work has not yet been recognised by institutions or published

– have never participated in Future Architecture Platform activities;

– the proposal can be submitted individually or collectively

– Single or group applications are allowed

– must submit their application by 16:00 on 6 January

The events proposed by the members have multiple formats, from festivals, to conversations, exhibitions, summer schools, symposia, fairs, publications and workshops. The selected activities promoted for 2020 will be passing through several cities, such as: Ljubljana, Prague, Vilnius, Lisbon, Belgrade, Rijeka, Rome, Prishtina, Tirana, Oslo, Graz and Barcelona.

To know more about the call visit website.

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