Docomomo US National Symposium – Chicago: Crossroads of Modern America
deadline: 13th January 2020

The next Docomomo US National Symposium will take place in Chicago, IL from June 3-6, 2020 in collaboration with the Docomomo US/Chicago chapter. Chicago has been recognized as the “crossroads”, not only for its connecting of water, land, and air networks, but for its place at the intersection of architecture, culture, and technological change. The rapidity of Chicago’s growth, coupled with its prominence in producing innovations of the modern movement is an opportunity for the 2020 meeting of Docomomo/US to consider this history and its prospect for the recognition, interpretation, preservation and extension of the forms and ideas of modernism…

Brazil, Architectures for the country of the Future/Arica, Developing architectures
18th December 2019, Arica Municipal Library, Arica, Chile

Docomomo Chile, together with Fondecyt Project 1181290, Active Arica and Arica City Hall, has organized a conference wich will take place 18th December 2019 (17h30), at the Arica Municipal Library, in Arica. The speakers are Ruth Verde Zein, docomomo Brazil, with the communication “Brazil, Architectures for the Country of the Future” and Horácio Torrent, chair of docomomo Chile, with the communication “Arica, Developing architectures”. To know more visit docomomo Chile facebook page.

International Competition: Tuchkov Buyan Park’s architectural landscape design
Deadline 15 January 2020

The UIA (International Union of Architects) is endorsing the international competition for the architectural landscape design concept of the Tuchkov Buyan Park in Saint Petersburg (Russia). Architects and landscape designers from all countries are invited to submit their expressions of interest for this single-stage restricted competition. PRE-QUALIFICATION Applicants are invited to submit information about their architectural firms and experience in designing and realizing public spaces. Experienced firms should submit three reference projects in landscape, public spaces and revitalization of urban spaces. Young firms can submit realized or unrealized projects in the same or other fields which best illustrate the quality…

6th International Iconic Houses Conference “Pioneers of the Dutch Modern House”
Early bird registrations: 31st December 2019

The Iconic Houses Foundation is proud to present its 6th International Conference from 2nd-8th June 2020 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This event will include visits to circa 23 unique houses in The Netherlands, Belgium and France! The lectures on the two conference days (4th and 5th June) will be devoted to two themes: Thursday will focus on the “Pioneers of the Dutch Modern House” in the Netherlands and their impact on architectural history; Friday will have an international scope with presentations about “Saving Icons at Risk”. Early bird tickets are available until Tuesday, 31 December 2019….

European Heritage Tribune Newsletter

The European Heritage Tribune newsletter has arrived! ! During the European Cultural Heritage Summit on 28 October in Paris, Mrs. Catherine Magnant, Advisor of the European Commission, and Mr. Hermann Parzinger, Executive President of Europa Nostra, officially launched the newsletter which collects and shares the latest news and best practices on cultural heritage from all European countries and organizations. By doing so, this newsletter seeks to inform and inspire cultural heritage professionals. The newsletter is free and independent, and a legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. To subscribe follow the link .

Education and Reuse
Docomomo Journal 61 (2019/3)
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Editorial 100 years back, 100 years forward BY ANA TOSTÕES The theme of this docomomo Journal is that reuse is a key for both a sustainable future and for education. This issue also celebrates the Bauhaus centenary (1919-2019) and tackles the physical and ideological legacy of the German school while confronting it with the challenges we face today and the role that education might play in this fight to value Modern Movement architecture and to pursuit its longevity. The Bauhaus had a pioneering influence on design worldwide which still endures today; through education, experimentation and materialization, a revolution took place…

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Values in Heritage Management: Emerging Approaches and Research Directions
Edited by Erica Avrami, Susan Macdonald, Randall Mason, and David Myers; Published by the Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles

“Over the last four decades, heritage professionals have increasingly engaged in public participation processes that have required responding to the diverse concerns of stakeholder groups and related political, economic, and cultural dynamics. As definitions of what constitutes cultural heritage have expanded, norms of heritage practice and heritage management approaches have increasingly evolved to place values at their core. The shifting landscape has compelled the field to broaden its focus from traditionally accepted categories of cultural values—historic, artistic, aesthetic, and scientific—to include intangible aspects, social values, and economic benefits. New methods for eliciting and assessing heritage values and stakeholder engagement have…

Notes from the Underworld: An Architectural Exploration
By Stefano Corbo, Schiffer Publishing, 2019

“Since early times, humans have explored the space below their feet for different purposes: to flee persecution and war, to find protection from severe climates, to improve urban life—and more recently, to solve environmental problems. A rare look at old and new subterranean structures, this book examines the underworld through the lenses of wartime, life and death, religious and secular rituals, and adaptive reuse. The projects described range widely in time period and type, from a house in a defunct nuclear silo to an Arctic seed bank, a Beirut nightclub, art venues, an Italian winery, and a monastery carved into…

Une émergence du design. France, 20e siècle
Directed by Stéphane Laurent, site de l’HiCSA, Paris, 2019

Stéphane Laurent – the Head of Art & Industry studies (Decorative Arts, Fashion and Design) of the University Pantheon-Sorbonne, School of Art History and Archeology – has directed the publication Une émergence du design. France, 20e siècle [An emergence of design. France, 20th century] (2019) which is now available online. The publication assembles a collection of essays, in French and English, from various professionals, ranging from decorative arts to graphic design and politics. Sommaire Avant-propos Design et politique Stéphane Laurent Décoration, design et politique : l’École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs de 1940 à 1968 Des arts décoratifs au design…

Article: Can you still hear the Bauhaus?
Online magazine "Understand the Bauhaus", by Bauhaus 100

With a celebrations of the centennary of the Bauhaus coming to an end, the asked creative people for their opinions on how they found the centenary of the Bauhaus: did it inspire them? Did it motivate, annoy, bore or change them in any way? Their opinions have been shared in the article “Can you still hear the Bauhaus?” in the online magazine section “Understand the Bauhaus”, by Bauhaus 100. Full article available here.