Traditional Acupuncture and Chinese
Ancient Medicine Wu Xing (5 Elements),
which can be combined holistically
with other therapies and approaches



Master of Chi Kung, Kung Fu and Taijiquan
Shaolin Wahnam, Chi Kung Healing
Principal Master of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute
for Portuguese-speaking countries
Descendant in the 5th Generation
of the Honourable Jiang Nan of the Shaolin Monastery
Teaches in Portugal since 1996



Life Coaching, Personal and Professional Development
based on Chinese Metaphysics
BaZi and Qi Men


Shaolin Internal Martial Arts

Life Coaching


Special International Courses – Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit

Special International Courses – Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit

Malasia, Malaysia
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NOVEMBER 2020 - PENANG - MALAYSIA SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL COURSES GRAND MASTER WONG KIEW KIT The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu The Art of Chi Kung Aligning with this special event...

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01 November 2020
Special International Course – “The Art of Kung Fu”

Special International Course – “The Art of Kung Fu”

Malasia, Malaysia
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"The term Kung Fu refers to training skills and deepening mastery, not learning techniques." Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit Attending regular Kung Fu Shaolin Wahnam classes in Lisbon, starting on March...

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09 November 2020

Structuring pillar of my life journey.

Maria Manuel Canelas

I have been a patient since 2010. His knowledge is endless when teaching Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung, as an acupuncture and nutrition therapist and life consultant. Always very professional.

Eli Hansen

Many times, I tell my sister when we talk about Dr Salvatore: he saved me!

Andreia Ramalho

Great wisdom and know-how, a pioneering and energizing spirit, with a very peculiar vision, I am grateful for all the work that I have been benefiting over the years.

Bruno Rafael